Friday, June 10, 2005


I thought I have lots of time before Silvia's birthday. Looked at the calendar and found that there's only like 2 weeks left. I'm knitting "Tempting" for her. I know she's into off shoulders and ribbon right now, so this would be a perfect gift for her. My only concern is the size of the blouse. I've read that the size actually turn out a little bigger than expected, let's hope that this will not happen. I'm about 10 inches done before the sleeves. Guess it shouldn't require much time if I'm diligent enough.

Rick wants a blankie. I like this fish blankie very much, which is also a very good stash busting project. I intend to give it to him this Christmas, I hope there's enough time to complete it! Everyday I reach home, I would knit up a fish or two while watching TV. I'm probably about 20 fishes done, but from what I counted from the photo, there needs at least a hundred fishes. Long way to go... Knitting the fish is fun, but thinking about sewing them all up sort of freaks me out. To make it better, I'll have to sew them in batches, instead of doing it altogether!

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