Friday, June 17, 2005

Instant Gratification

I bought some crochet yarn by mistake some time back. They were selling at 10 pcs for $20, and it reads 4-ply. I bought a packet of it, thinking that I can use 4mm knitting needles to knit a top, but later found that the yarn is far too fine. Was just thinking about what to do with them when I saw the "Book Thong" pattern. Instantly, I knew what to do with the yarn.

Went hunting for mini crochet hook and some nice beads. I was looking for more interesting ones, but couldn't find what I want, except these chinese porcelain ones. Think I should do some bead hunting very soon.
Bead closeup 1
Bead closeup 2

The book thong is so easily done! I can't believe that I could do it in about an hour. This is about the fastest project that I've made so far. I'm gonna made a dozen or so as gifts! Here's my version!

Here's some shots of it in a book:
Book 1
Book 2


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