Monday, September 25, 2006

Baby Blanket Sold

Annie bought this baby blanket from me, for a childhood fren of hers who had just given birth!

Thanks for showing your support.

I hope baby Lucas feel the warmth and love when being wrapped in it.

Consigned shawl done!

The shawl has been passed to the owner last week. I need to upload my pics...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Magic Yarn Ball Swap

I've received the package! It reached me on my bday eve! Danielle must have calculated it accurately!

And when I open it, I found that it's a pink variegated cotton ball of yarn! I love pink! I love cotton! I love variegated yarn!!!

The thoughtful lady had warned me of having something poky inside and want me to take extra care when unwinding my yarn.

She even had a tag which says "pull here" to let me know where to start!!

I had a good time unwinding then yarn. It's full of surprises during the journey.

However, something keep distracting me. I keep seeing this pair of cute eyes staring at me. Look at that pair of innocent eyes! I can't wait to rescue it from the yarn cocoon and see what's inside!

What I get in all...
1 pink variegated cotton yarn
11 stitch markers
1 pair of earrings
1 beaded bracelet
3 ribbons
1 amigurumi snail
1 paper weight
2 pcs of cute pink ladybird fabric
1 wooden pencil
This is such a cool swap! I'll definitely participate in a 2nd round!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another swap

I've just sent out the package for another swap from the Craftster's site. This is call the "Magic Yarn Ball Swap". Some pple have already received their goodies! I hope I can receive mine very very soon!!!