Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm new!!

Well, this is my first post. What shall I do? Need lots of time to explore though...

I'm very into small projects. My interest just does not persist long enough till completion on big projects. Most of the time, I get bored in the middle or towards the end of the project, and I'll leave it there for sometime, and I'll distract my attention to small projects.

I'm in the stash busting mood right now as my stash kept accumulating and I can't knit fast enough! Here's the latest stash busting project, a catepillar. I've quite a few babies that I can give to, can't really decide who is the lucky one right now.

Here's a few more of my stash busting efforts:
A puppy hand puppet

An improvised duck hand puppet

Some strawberries, chilli, and tomatoes. I know they all look almost the same...

Fish from The World of Knitted Toys

A whale from Jean Greenhowe's collection

Here's what I call a snowbaby from Jean Greenhowe's book

Duckies from Jean Greenhowe's book

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Amy said...

Hi is there any chance you could pass on the free puppy puppet pattern? It is no longer available from that link, and it is so tempting to see posted pics of such a cute toy.....!