Thursday, June 16, 2005

I bought new yarn

Was at spotlight last night and bought some new yarn. They've added in a few new range.

Fiddlesticks Kamina

I thought of knitting a triangular shawl with this. Wonder how it will look. I hope it will drape as nicely as a rectangular shawl. Can't stand a shawl which keeps falling off my shoulders...

I've done a few rows and it looks wonderful. Here's the closeup. I only bought 1 ball for testing. probably I should get a few more.


I've finally reached the part of the sleeve for Silvia's "Tempting". The pattern say 15 inches, but I only did 14 inches and thought it's already quite long. When I was reading the pattern, I realised that the yoke needs another 6 inches more. That makes it 21 inches. And since it's meant to be off-shoulder, I think it's gonna be far too long for me. Now I wonder if I should frog a little before I join the sleeves.

By the way, I'm using DPN for the sleeves. I really hate DPN. I can't stand it...

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