Thursday, June 30, 2005

What Yarn Are You?

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You are Mohair. You are a warm and fuzzy type who works well with others, doing your share without being too weighty. You can be stubborn and absolutely refuse to change your position once it is set, but that's okay since you are good at covering up your mistakes.


A swatch

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I'm trying a shell pattern using this variegated yarn. Was thinking if it will turn out too sweet for a shawl. Or should I change it into a shrug?

Another snowflake

snowflake-cream, originally uploaded by knit247.

Yarn: Thread
Hook: Size 2

I'm having fun! I've wanted to make some last year but couldn't find much knitted patterns. Now that I can crochet, I'm so spoilt for choice! I've searched the net and found so many patterns that I don't know which to choose.

I'm gonna buy some white thread!

My first snowflake

snowflake-color, originally uploaded by knit247.

Yarn: Magnum
Hook: Gold

I found this pattern which looks pretty simple and it's cute! It is indeed very easy and I'm amazed that I can complete it without much concentration. I'm amazed...


choker, originally uploaded by knit247.

Pattern: Country crochet & knitted lace : a creative guide with projects for crochet and knitted lace
Yarn: Thread, cream color
Hook: Size 2

This is adapted from one of the pattern for edges. The picture shown in the book looks so different from mine. But I ilke this anyway. It's so simple and sweet.

Another gift option? I'm having fun!!

Closeup of choker

choker closeup, originally uploaded by knit247.


belt, originally uploaded by knit247.

Pattern: Country crochet & knitted lace : a creative guide with projects for crochet and knitted lace
Yarn: Carressa
Hook: Plastic

This is using the same pattern as the choker, but using 8-ply yarn and bigger hook.

Closeup of belt

belt closeup, originally uploaded by knit247.

Monday, June 27, 2005

AJ's wristbag

AJ's wristbag2, originally uploaded by knit247.

Pattern: AJ's wrist bag
Yarn: Panda Stonewash, 8-ply, 2 balls
Color: Brown

Hook: Gold color

I've finally finished this during the weekend. There were so many ends to weave in and I was so afraid that I don't have enough yarn to sc the edges and sew the sides together. Good thing there was enough of yarn.

It turn out to be quite spacy. My next bag will be done in the round, so I don't have to sew up too much.

AJ's wristbag 1

AJ's wristbag, originally uploaded by knit247.

Ricks' thongs

thongs, originally uploaded by knit247.

These are Rick's creations. The photos taken earlier doesn't really show it off nicely.

He gave some to his colleagues and they refuse to believe that those are his works!

Angeline's shawl

Angeline's shawl, originally uploaded by knit247.

Pattern: Easy ripple shawl from Lion Yarn

Yarn: Country Wool, 8-ply, 7 balls

Needle size: 8mm

Here's the happy recipient with her shawl. She's very happy with it, and the color complement her skin color very well.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Silvia's "Tempting"

Tempting - wrap up, originally uploaded by knit247.

All wrapped up and ready to go to the owner!

I'll tell her that I have no time to get a gift for her and I've only got some special edition M&M's chocolates for her! Let's see how's her reaction!

tempting-folded, originally uploaded by knit247.

Pattern: Knitty's Tempting

Yarn: Butterfly Super-10, 2+ skeins

Needle size: 4.5mm

This looks more like it!

So here's the long awaited "Tempting"!

tempting 1, originally uploaded by knit247.

tempting-sleeve join, originally uploaded by knit247.

OOps! Did I see that the ribbing doesn't match under the arm holes? Another mistake... And the casting off with 3 needles took me 2 days to figure out! Duh!

tempting-more dog hair, originally uploaded by knit247.

Ya, u know... My dog is shedding forever. I'll have to take loads of time to remove the fur.

tempting-dog hair, originally uploaded by knit247.

More hair on the scotch tape.

tempting-stick, originally uploaded by knit247.

Loads of scotch tape after sticking the dog hair. And oops!! Did I pull out some of the yarn fiber too?

tempting -color, originally uploaded by knit247.

Silvi'a "Tempting" was freshly off needles at 0030hrs this morning. And guess what? I've noticed loads of mistakes...

I ran out of yarn and needed to go back to get more. I forgot to bring along the dye lot number. I thought that being just plain black, we can't really tell the difference. But I am very wrong!!! This is so obvious under spotlight. Let's hope Silvia don't notice it!

Rick gets interested in book thongs

This is the first time I see him getting so interested in a craft. It made him busy for a few others, so I could concentrate on Silvia's "Tempting".

Thong parade1

Thong parade1, originally uploaded by knit247.

Rick's creation! I taught him a simplified version of the book thong. He's so interested after seeing me make one. He made about 5 other more.

Thong parade 2

Thong parade 2, originally uploaded by knit247.

More of Rick's creation!

The background color is wrong. Can't really see the beads.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fish blanket

Fish blanket, originally uploaded by knit247.

I was working on this blanket for Rick. And I found a name for it! I will call it "百鱼被", which means "hundred fish blanket". I figure out that I would need at least a hundred little ones to make up the blanket!

Tempting 220605

tempting 220605, originally uploaded by knit247.

So, this is Silvi's "Tempting" almost near completion. I'm about 2.5 inches from the arm hole, 4.5 inches more to go. And guess what? I don't think I have enough yarn...

Tonight, I need to go to Spotlight to get the ribbon, then to Chinatown to get the yarn. I hope I can finish everything by tonight, as I'm going out with Rick tomorrow, and might not have any more time to knit...

Angeline's shawl packaged up

Angeline's shawl packaged up, originally uploaded by knit247.

I can't find any decent wrappers at home, so I just crochet up a curly wurly string and tie it up.

Angeline's shawl

Angeline's shawl- original color, originally uploaded by knit247.

I've finally presented Angeline the shawl that she has been asking for! It's been a long long time since completion, but I am just waiting for the right time (her birthday) to give it to her.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

green thong

green thong, originally uploaded by knit247.

purple thong

purple thong, originally uploaded by knit247.

A thinner string which makes it faster to complete, and also, it will not destroy the book spine.

red thong

red thong, originally uploaded by knit247.


Can't withstand the temptations, and I went to buy some scrunchies with beads, so I can cut them out for my book thongs!
Here are they! The most expensive costs about $4.50, with at least 15 beads. It is still cheaper than if I get them from those bead shops. Of course, I have to compromise on the material. I was just thinking... If I get bored of these thongs, I can still use these beads for my Christmas when time comes... That makes me not so guilty for buying so many beads.

scrunchies5, originally uploaded by knit247.

I like the blue and white beads on top. If I can't use them for the book thongs, I'll hang them on our Christmas tree when time comes. They remind me of icicles...


scrunchies4, originally uploaded by knit247.


scrunchies3, originally uploaded by knit247.

Darker colors are for guy and those who likes not so sweet colors.


scrunchies2, originally uploaded by knit247.


scrunchies1, originally uploaded by knit247.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Status report for "Tempting"

I've calculated again on Silvia's tempting. The total length is about 22 inches, and it's far too long. I've knitted 14 inches for the body so far. The yoke needs another 7 inches. I think I should reduce the body to 12 inches, which means I should rip out about 2 inches. Oh no, I'm meeting Silvia this Friday. I hope I can finish this in time. Also, I had intend to give her this blouse together with the orange bag that I owed her since early this year. Sigh... Time is never enough...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saw this notebook cover this morning. Thought it looked cool! I can make one each as Christmas gift for church friends, so they can use this as the cover for sermon notes. I was just thinking about making one yesterday...

Friday, June 17, 2005

Instant Gratification

I bought some crochet yarn by mistake some time back. They were selling at 10 pcs for $20, and it reads 4-ply. I bought a packet of it, thinking that I can use 4mm knitting needles to knit a top, but later found that the yarn is far too fine. Was just thinking about what to do with them when I saw the "Book Thong" pattern. Instantly, I knew what to do with the yarn.

Went hunting for mini crochet hook and some nice beads. I was looking for more interesting ones, but couldn't find what I want, except these chinese porcelain ones. Think I should do some bead hunting very soon.
Bead closeup 1
Bead closeup 2

The book thong is so easily done! I can't believe that I could do it in about an hour. This is about the fastest project that I've made so far. I'm gonna made a dozen or so as gifts! Here's my version!

Here's some shots of it in a book:
Book 1
Book 2


Thursday, June 16, 2005

I bought new yarn

Was at spotlight last night and bought some new yarn. They've added in a few new range.

Fiddlesticks Kamina

I thought of knitting a triangular shawl with this. Wonder how it will look. I hope it will drape as nicely as a rectangular shawl. Can't stand a shawl which keeps falling off my shoulders...

I've done a few rows and it looks wonderful. Here's the closeup. I only bought 1 ball for testing. probably I should get a few more.


I've finally reached the part of the sleeve for Silvia's "Tempting". The pattern say 15 inches, but I only did 14 inches and thought it's already quite long. When I was reading the pattern, I realised that the yoke needs another 6 inches more. That makes it 21 inches. And since it's meant to be off-shoulder, I think it's gonna be far too long for me. Now I wonder if I should frog a little before I join the sleeves.

By the way, I'm using DPN for the sleeves. I really hate DPN. I can't stand it...

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The never-ending list

Didn't really knit much during the weekend. Silvia's "Tempting" is about 13 inches done, 2 more inches to go before the sleeves. Was reading the pattern this morning and was a little confused. Hope I can get it when I reach to that stage. Can't wait to finish it! I've only 1 more week to go...


Phil's bday is coming. It's a few days earlier than mine. Think of making her a few matching small gifts. These are what I have in mind for now...
1) Eye pillow (In her fav green color. If I have more time, I'll knit one for her in green with fun fur as trimmings)
2) Furry flip flop (need to get her shoe size. I know of a shop in Cineleisure which sells nice flip flops)


Is it a bit too early to start my christmas knitting? My project is always never-ending. I always wants to do so many other things before I can even finish the currents WIPs. Ain't I greedy??

Here's my Christmas knitting list:
1) Lots of snowflakes (at least 2pcs monthly, hope I can find a quick and easy pattern)
2) Fish Blanket (20% done)
3) Lion Brand's Autumn Afghan (20% done)
4) Ornaments for Christmas Tree
5) Toys (for kids, decor, or as ornament)

Christmas Gift list:
1) Wrist bags
2) Book thongs
3) Furry Flip Flops
4) Lip Balm holders
5) Maybe some bath puffs (if I have time)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Nice patterns found...

I was reading this blog and saw these projects which I like very much.

baby blankie
snowflake afghan

Aren't they nice?


So, here's my progress of my fish blankie. I've knitted up about 14 fishes and sewn them together to see the effect...

I've got a couple more which I don't know how to store, so I string them all up with 2 knitting needles, just like kebab! haha...


Oh yes, and I've completed a small bag with my own design. It's my 1st proper crocheted project. A closeup would be something like this...

Friday, June 10, 2005


I thought I have lots of time before Silvia's birthday. Looked at the calendar and found that there's only like 2 weeks left. I'm knitting "Tempting" for her. I know she's into off shoulders and ribbon right now, so this would be a perfect gift for her. My only concern is the size of the blouse. I've read that the size actually turn out a little bigger than expected, let's hope that this will not happen. I'm about 10 inches done before the sleeves. Guess it shouldn't require much time if I'm diligent enough.

Rick wants a blankie. I like this fish blankie very much, which is also a very good stash busting project. I intend to give it to him this Christmas, I hope there's enough time to complete it! Everyday I reach home, I would knit up a fish or two while watching TV. I'm probably about 20 fishes done, but from what I counted from the photo, there needs at least a hundred fishes. Long way to go... Knitting the fish is fun, but thinking about sewing them all up sort of freaks me out. To make it better, I'll have to sew them in batches, instead of doing it altogether!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I'm new!!

Well, this is my first post. What shall I do? Need lots of time to explore though...

I'm very into small projects. My interest just does not persist long enough till completion on big projects. Most of the time, I get bored in the middle or towards the end of the project, and I'll leave it there for sometime, and I'll distract my attention to small projects.

I'm in the stash busting mood right now as my stash kept accumulating and I can't knit fast enough! Here's the latest stash busting project, a catepillar. I've quite a few babies that I can give to, can't really decide who is the lucky one right now.

Here's a few more of my stash busting efforts:
A puppy hand puppet

An improvised duck hand puppet

Some strawberries, chilli, and tomatoes. I know they all look almost the same...

Fish from The World of Knitted Toys

A whale from Jean Greenhowe's collection

Here's what I call a snowbaby from Jean Greenhowe's book

Duckies from Jean Greenhowe's book