Thursday, August 31, 2006


I started knitting the shawl (that Silvia has consigned me to do) last night. It was quite fast, considering that I was knitting on 10mm needles. When I read the label, one ball of yarn was only 30m long, which is very very short! Thank God Silvia bought 10 balls of them!

As I knit along... I FELL IN LOVE.

The yarn was fabulous! It was so soft, warm and cozy. I imagine wrapping myself in that shawl. I felt loved.

I regretted not buying them! Biggest mistake in my knitting life.

I wish I can keep the shawl to myself.
But I already have so many shawls, I told myself.

And as I continue knitting, my love grew for it. I hope the yarn will keep running and running, so that I don't have to stop knitting it.

This is the time when I enjoy knitting a project the most!
Loving every moment of it, hoping that it will never end.

And this is my lover...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Time is running out

I need to start on the consigned shawl. 10 days more to go!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Went to Spotlight early last week and they were having some sale for yarn. They are selling very cheap, and some were selling for like 50 cents or $1. This is the first time I see these yarn selling so cheap.

A fren of mine has consigned me to make a shawl for her. I have like 1 week to complete that. In the meantime, the sewing machine has to be an white elephant for this whole week.

I'm still comtemplating whether to finish knitting my afghan or sewing a new quilt. As usual, too many ideas, never enough time to do them.

Passport holders

After the sewing machine guy left, I made 2 passport holders the very same night. Guess I was already in holiday mood then.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Craft Addiction

There were so many times when I wish I don't have to work and can stay at home and craft 24/7.
I wish that whatever thing I make will be able to sell off like hotcakes.
I wish that my inspiration will be never-ending.
I wilsh taht I can craft whatever crazy ideas that I can come out with.
I wish that everyone will be able to appreciate my crafts like a piece of diamond.

And yesterday, I took half a day off, so that the sewing machine guy can come and do a demo on the machine. This is the first proper sewing machine that I've bought. The previous toy sewing machine (battery operated) one didn't work that well. I chanced upon this machine during a promotion period and get 10% + $50 off (for trading in the toy machine).

I had initially looked at the $299 machine, which was probably the cheapest available there and most suited to my skills. However, that company is very smart! They employed promoter girls are used to be seamstress. These pple made so many miniatures of bags, pouches, clothes... etc. All of them are so nice! Not only that, they purposely embellish these works with lots of cool stitches which are available in the more advanced machines. The promoter lady even told me that I do not need to pay to go to sewing school to learn sewing. She said that I can bring any pattern to her and she can teach me on the spot! Doesn't that sound cool?

I was tempted big time. I ended up paying $900+ to get a very advance machine.

As soon as I've made the payment, I started to waiver. I started to wonder if I will make full use of the machine. I was afraid that the machine will become a white elephant. The more I think about it, the more guilty I felt. It went to the extent that I wanted to get a refund for the machine before it was delivered. Though I had wanted to do that, my work schedule was so busy that I forgotten about all the regrets. The machine was delivered one day. It looked cool. And so I thought, why don't I try it out? At least I have something to keep me more occupied nowadays.

It took me some time to get the guy to come and do a demo. I really felt very relieved after the demo was done. I instantly tried it on my own and I can remember what I learnt earlier! The machine was so easy to operate and I was so "wow-ed" by all the features that it has.

Now I can say that I've made a right purchase! I'm happy.

In the meantime, look out for more works soon!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pleasant surprise

I was supposed to meet some friends after work in town. Both my friends work quite far away from town and therefore, I had one hour of spare time to do a little shopping.

I decided to go to Plaza Singapura for a quick shopping trip. I had wanted to lookout for some nice fabric. I also wanted to buy some ribbons, as I was thinking of making a lanyard for myself.

And so... I ended with some ribbons and more yarn! I just couldn't resist buying nice yarn.

It happened that I wanted to show my fren a bag that I made recently. So I brought it along. As I was queueing to make payment, one of the Spotlight staff saw my bag and commented that it is very nice. She asked for permission to take a look at my bag. So I happily just pass it over the counter to show her. To my surprise, more staff came over the counter when they heard the compliments from the first staff who saw my bag. Not only that, they passed my bag around, so that everyone in that department can take a look at it!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the reaction. Some staff came over and ask how I made it. Of cos, many said that it is very nice. And they were also so proud that the yarn was from Spotlight.

I was indeed very plesantly surprised and this is one motivation for me to get back into my knitting act!