Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok, I'm moving...

I've started the Panta for Lisiepeasie last night. The pattern wasn't that difficult after starting. The problem is that most of my yarn are acryllic and wool. I seldom buy cotton yarn cos they are so much more expensive, plus, they are only available at Golden Dragon (which is inconvenient for me). I dug into my stash and found 2 balls of cotton yarn, 2 balls of cotton blend (not pure cotton, which makes it a bit warm). I tried knitting on one of them (8-ply), but it turn out to be quite thick and I think that it would be quite warm for someone to wear, unless she stays in the air conditioned area throughout the whole day.

Anyway, I'll try some other alternatives tonight! Maybe something on a 4-ply yarn. I think that would work!

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