Monday, April 03, 2006

I've been Clapotised

Haven't really been knitting or crafting much except this project. Its working up very slowly. About halfway done. Actually, I noticed some errors, was supposed to do the [k1, ktb, k3,ktb] for all stitches within the markers, but I knitted it all the way through... This resulted in loose stitches on the part where we drop stitches.

Well, if I wanna be fussy, I had to rip the whole thing and do from scratch! So... I decided to close an eye.

Actually, I had the intension of doing another clapotis with variegated yarn. This was meant to be an "experiment" as it is cheap. The whole shawl would only cost less thatn $10.

However, those yarn at Spotlight were not variegated enough or the colors were too boring. Checked out Golden Dragon and loved the variegated range of the Butterfly Super 10. I would need 3 skeins of it and would cost about $33. It looks like it's gonna be quite heavy when the shawl is finished. I knew you would ask why don't I choose something like wool or merino, which is lighter. I can only say that I can't afford it! It would probably cost me a hundred bucks like that.

But I'll see how this baby turn out first before thinking about whether to make another investment. By the way, Spotlight's having a sale this Wed. Who knows I will find something interesting there.

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