Sunday, April 09, 2006

Meeting with local crafsters last Wed

I've been surfing the Craftsters website for quite some time now. It's such a great place for projext inspiration. From there, I got to know some Spore crafsters. We had an outing to Arab St last year, but I missed it. We tried to plan for another meetup at Spotlight when they had the sale last Wed.

Only 6 of us attended. There was LiN (with her 2 frens), Lisiepeasie, and Dottydot. It was such an interesting outing. This is the 1st time I met up with them and am glad I did. They were so nice and interesting people. We had such a good time sharing about the crafts that we do!

And you know what? Lisiepeasie stayed in the east, which is relatively near to where I stay. It was very nice of her to send me home after the meeting. On the trip home, we realised that both of us attended the same Secondary School and joined the same ECA and played the same instrument! Of cos, I hadn't met her in school before cos I am much older than her. What a coincidence! It's just such a small small world.

Lisiepeasie loved the Panta but she couldn't knit! I'm gonna take up the challenge her one. Didn't get a chance to try it out during the weekend as I was too busy chasing after some Korean Drama. Hope that I can finish it in time before she leaves for her US trip!

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