Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Dorothy gave me this address at Queen St where she buys interfacing. I'm not too sure how interfacing looks like, all I know is that it's like this plasticky thingy which we stick or sew with the fabric to make bags studier. I was so inspired by the clutch that Dorothy sent me that I went over to Bugis to check out this shop.

Firstly, I didn't know where is Queen St. Dorothy mentioned that it's the building behind Bugis Village. I bravely went to explore the area. After I cross the road, I bought a cup of mango freeze, thinking that it's gonna be a long walk, and I factor in some time that I will get lost while locating this building.

It's not so bad after all. I finally got to know where Queen St is. And this building... It's so old, the shop is right on top of the foodcourt... It reminds me of the old People's Park Hawker Center. I'm surprised to find that there's an escalator at one corner. I took the escalator up and found that most shops are closed. I was hoping hard that this shop is open, just for me... To my dismay, it was closed too.

Well, I'm meeting Silvia to Spotlight tonight, hope that I can find some interfacing there. I just can't wait to try to sew my very own clutch. I desperately need one for weekdays, when I go out to lunch. My current lunch bags are all so ugly, and I hate carrying my handbag out cos I carry a big bag most of the time. I need something more chic to match my new hairstyle.

And, did I mentioned that some kind soul has volunteered to send me some fabrics from the Unconditional Swap in Nov? I just can't wait for the goodies to arrive!


dot said...

oh dear! i forgot to mention that the shops there open pretty late - around 1230. btw, the shops there were previously at the people's park hawker centre - they are only there temporarily while the old building is being renovated. they'll be back in early december.

Snowflake said...

No worries, it's an experience for me. Anyway, I shld hv guessed their opening hours in the 1st place. :P