Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ceci est la manucure francaise

This is French Manicure! Done by me, does it look professional enough? But sadly, French manicure never last, the tips always chip off so fast.

Psst... Did you noticed that I've got square nails? Yes, I love square nails, I've been having it for years. I dunno why, but I only love them when it's filed by myself. The manucurist did it for me once, and I hated it. Probably the "angle" is not right?

By the way, I never like going for manicure. In the 1st place, I don't need it, cos I can paint my nails pretty well. I just need the cuticle removing and things like that. I just hate sitting there doign nothing. Same goes for sitting in the salon while perming/coloring your hair. But salon is not that bad, cos u get to play games on handphone, or sms other pple.

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