Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Orange Bag

So, this is Silvia's bag that I owed her since last Christmas!  Ya, I know that I'm very slow.  But knowing me, you shld know that I always get distracted by so many projects all the time.  And you know, I hate sewing, which is why this bag took so long...

Actually, I'm not very satisfy with this bag, find that it's a bit plain, but can't figure out how to beautify it.  Was thinking about it last night and finally came up with the thought that I can hang some charms or beads just below the horizontal handle, to make it a little more ethnic.

I'm meeting Silvia tonight to show her this bag.  Who knows, we'll end up in Chinatown, buying beads again.

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Bag when opened up
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Agnes said...

I think this bag is very very well done. I like how you lined it too. I hope I can do the same!
I'd like to know where you got the handles. I've been looking for similar things all over the area but can't find any. Thanks

Isabel Krueger said...

I love this bag! The color is great and it looks really professional. BTW I love handbags, but I'm am very picky about them, and I definately would add one like this to my collection.