Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend is over...

Oh well, not a very productive weekend. Tried a couple of snowflake patterns, but gave up cos I don't know what the pattern is talking about. Guess I didn't read the pattern hard enough... I should start hunting for more patterns. Anyway, I've bought the white thread already and produced another 5 more of the simple snowflake.

Was knitting a Christmas Tree Skirt, but found that it's a little too short to cover the tree legs. It was knitted with 4-ply yarn. Guess I need to get some 8-ply yarn and do it on 8mm needles. Hope that helps! I'm good in "cheating" when it comes to knitting on big needles...

Was in Crochetville this morning and saw Julie's snowflake gallery. This is amazing, I tell you! I will strive to crochet as many patterns as her!

Silvia liked my choker design. I roughly explain and drew out to her for the pattern. She went back on Fri night andn start crocheting a strap for her Swatch watch using that very pattern. And she sms me that she did it at 1.30am!

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