Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sharing my hobby

Found that pple nowadays seldom have hobbies. Having the hectic lifestyle, many find that it's tough to find time for hobby.

I had the pleasure of sharing my hobby with my frens. Had taught Silvia how to knit in 2006. She's made a blouse and a few shawls already!

Today, I brought Jocelyn and Hui Sing to Chinatown to buy some beads. The plan was for Joce to buy the beads and I make it for her. I brought her to the bead shop to choose what she wants. It dawned upon me that she can actually make her own, since it's just simply stringing the beads together!

And we spent more than an hour in the shop, choosing the beads that they like. I got them some strings, clasps and jump rings. They were happy to choose the beads. I can imagine how exciting it must have been for beginners like them.

Hui Sing went off earlier with her hubby. Joce and I continued walking around Chinatown. When I reached home, I took a pic of how to use the clasp. I'm surprised that HS had already made her 1st necklace! I felt excited for her.

It's just such a pleasure to share your hobby with pple. Now there's one more thing that we can do together!

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