Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Best of Both World

I love this bag. I made this as a Christmas present for Silvia. She's chic and creative. I had to admit that choosing a gift for her is not easy. She has almost everything, or rather, I'm just very lousy in buying gifts. I took on the challenge to make her a tote bag so that she can use it to carry her library books.

I had went to Chinatown a few times to look for that perfect fabric that she would like. After numberous trips, I finally saw something which suits her. I didn't knew which color to choose for her, so I bought both fabric and made her a reversible bag.

She knew that I've started sewing, but didn't expect me to make anything for her. She had jokingly mentioned that she don't trust my skills. And she was right! I had to unpick some stitches to get that perfect look I wanted.

I had a hard time finding a suitable wrapper for this bag. I didn't want it to look very normal. I used felt to wrap and crack my head to brainstormed a few before I realised that I have a leaf chain lying somewhere in my stash. This chain was an experiment to improve on my crochet skills. I then took abt 10mins to try to secure the felt packaging using the leaf chain. It looked very plain. I then crocheted a rose to beautify it. I would love to admit that this is the best wrapped gift in my whole life. And I enjoyed the process very much! I love it so much that I almost want to keep it for myself!

After I passed the present to Silvia, she unwrapped her present as normal. And didn't suspect that it was made by me at all. She asked where I bought that bag. I told her that it's handmade by me. She was very surprised by that. She then proceeded to inspect my workmanship and commented that I can make some tote bags to sell.

That's probably the best compliment I've heard in the busy month of December! It motivates me to work harder to make more nice things.

BTW, the creative girl has kept the leaf chain and rose to turn it into something else! I can't wait to see what she can make out of those "scraps"! But I'm just so glad that she didn't throw those away. I mean, pple who doesn't appreciate handmade crafts wld just dispose it instantly.

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