Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pleasant surprise

I was supposed to meet some friends after work in town. Both my friends work quite far away from town and therefore, I had one hour of spare time to do a little shopping.

I decided to go to Plaza Singapura for a quick shopping trip. I had wanted to lookout for some nice fabric. I also wanted to buy some ribbons, as I was thinking of making a lanyard for myself.

And so... I ended with some ribbons and more yarn! I just couldn't resist buying nice yarn.

It happened that I wanted to show my fren a bag that I made recently. So I brought it along. As I was queueing to make payment, one of the Spotlight staff saw my bag and commented that it is very nice. She asked for permission to take a look at my bag. So I happily just pass it over the counter to show her. To my surprise, more staff came over the counter when they heard the compliments from the first staff who saw my bag. Not only that, they passed my bag around, so that everyone in that department can take a look at it!

I was very pleasantly surprised by the reaction. Some staff came over and ask how I made it. Of cos, many said that it is very nice. And they were also so proud that the yarn was from Spotlight.

I was indeed very plesantly surprised and this is one motivation for me to get back into my knitting act!

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