Thursday, August 31, 2006


I started knitting the shawl (that Silvia has consigned me to do) last night. It was quite fast, considering that I was knitting on 10mm needles. When I read the label, one ball of yarn was only 30m long, which is very very short! Thank God Silvia bought 10 balls of them!

As I knit along... I FELL IN LOVE.

The yarn was fabulous! It was so soft, warm and cozy. I imagine wrapping myself in that shawl. I felt loved.

I regretted not buying them! Biggest mistake in my knitting life.

I wish I can keep the shawl to myself.
But I already have so many shawls, I told myself.

And as I continue knitting, my love grew for it. I hope the yarn will keep running and running, so that I don't have to stop knitting it.

This is the time when I enjoy knitting a project the most!
Loving every moment of it, hoping that it will never end.

And this is my lover...

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