Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Magic Yarn Ball Swap

I've received the package! It reached me on my bday eve! Danielle must have calculated it accurately!

And when I open it, I found that it's a pink variegated cotton ball of yarn! I love pink! I love cotton! I love variegated yarn!!!

The thoughtful lady had warned me of having something poky inside and want me to take extra care when unwinding my yarn.

She even had a tag which says "pull here" to let me know where to start!!

I had a good time unwinding then yarn. It's full of surprises during the journey.

However, something keep distracting me. I keep seeing this pair of cute eyes staring at me. Look at that pair of innocent eyes! I can't wait to rescue it from the yarn cocoon and see what's inside!

What I get in all...
1 pink variegated cotton yarn
11 stitch markers
1 pair of earrings
1 beaded bracelet
3 ribbons
1 amigurumi snail
1 paper weight
2 pcs of cute pink ladybird fabric
1 wooden pencil
This is such a cool swap! I'll definitely participate in a 2nd round!

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