Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Trip to Golden Dragon

Been a long time since I last went there. Anyway, thsi is a very fruitful trip cos I was able to find some treasures, thing that I've been wantind to find.

The moment I saw this blouse, I instantly fell in love with it! It's so sweet!!!

Bought the whole book cos they don't sell by individual patterns. Unfortunately, the pattern is in japanese. I would need to make more trips to Golden Dragon to ask the pple there to teach me.

This is call a Hairpin lace tool. Had seen someone using this in Craftster. Finally able to find it. More new projects to come... Anyway, bought this cos it was needed to make the lace panel for the pink blouse on top.

A flower maker or flower motif card. It supposedly help us to make flowers. Flowers are in, good especially for pple like me who don't accessorize a lot. Looks simple to make, and the price is ok. No harm trying... Hee

Saw this bag made of these rings some time ago and had been wanting to try one. Finally... able to find the plastic rings!

And guess how much I spent?

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