Monday, October 03, 2005


Ok, I've tried out THIS during the weekend... It worked out great, even though there were some parts that I don't reali understand, but I managed to bluff my way through, and the end product still look the same.

I used crochet thread and am gonna make a blouse out of this pattern. The idea is very easy. Crochet 2 pcs of long rectangular pieces, then sew the top as shoulder, and leave the rest open, only to crochet a string-like belt to tie the waist part together. Not too sure how it will work out. I've finish the 1st piece, and am working on the 2nd piece. If I'm hardworking enough, I'll be able to finish this within this week.

Now, should i line this hole-ly thingy with a cloth behind, or should I just leave it, and wear it on top on whatever I want? Something to ponder about...

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